We are FSPC Systems.

FSPC systems is the product of Lighthouse, a division of RPM Software, founded in Calgary, AB, Canada in 2001 and HACCPtraining.org a leading online food­safety provider established in 2006. While our passion is software development, we strive to maintain longstanding, productive, relationships with our clients and employees. We
believe the best outcomes are possible by upholding this core value.

By leveraging our experience in data collection, storage and management in a wide range of industries we have been able to successfully make day to day operations for health and food safety possible.

Our system represents a simple yet robust solution that works for a wide range of users.

Who are we?


VP Business Development

Roger Balm


Robert Urbanowski

Director of Marketing

Jade Ohlhauser

VP Product Development

Matthew Shaw

Sales and Marketing HACCPTraining.org